Q. Is it free?
A. Yes, Roxy Fileman is open source and absolutely free.

Q. Can I use Roxy Fileman with ASP .NET?
A. Yes, Roxy Fileman has free ASP .NET file manager distribution.

Q. Which versions of .NET framework are supported.
A. Minimum .NET framework 4.5 is required. However it could be esealy modified to run on .NET 2+. DownloadDir() method body and all references to ZipFile should be commented, and of course web.config should de changed accordingly.

Q. Which PHP versions are supported?
A. PHP 5.2 or greater with GD library installed. You could use PHP 5 < 5.2, but folder download as zip file will not be available.

Q. What about the license?
A. Roxy Fileman 1.x is released under GPL v3 license. See license page for details.

Q. Can I use it with Apache / PHP?
A. Yes, Fileman file manager is ready for use with Apache and PHP.

Q. Can I translate the user interface into other languages?
A. Yes, language resource files are located in fileman/lang directory. Copy english file "en.json" to XX.json (XX is you new language two letter code), open newly created file and translate it.

Q. Which browsers are supported?
A. Fileman is based on JQuery and has the same browser support. See JQuery support page for more details.

Q. Can I change the dimensions of the images in the thumbnail view?
A. Yes, there are settings for both images in the thumbnail view and image preview tooltip. See installation and configuration.

Q. Is it possible change the FILES_ROOT dynamically?
A. Yes, it could be set in session variable. See SESSION_PATH_KEY setting description in configuration section.

Q. I get "error loading asp_net/main.ashx" or "error loading php/dirtree.php", what could be the problem?
A. Try to open the file (e.g. http://your-domain.com/fileman/php/dirtree.php) in a web browser and see are there any errors. Developer tools could be used to see the raw server response. Check your web server configuration, directory permissions etc.

Q. Some files cannot be uploaded, what's wrong?
A. Check post and upload size limits, directory permissions etc. Check if the file extension is listed in FORBIDDEN_UPLOADS setting.  When uploading images, GD library is used for resiziing, make sure it is available.

Q. Can I use Roxy Fileman with Java, Pythonq Ruby or Perl?
A. Currently only PHP and .NET versions are available for download. However server side handlers could be easily translated into any programming language. See the API page for details.

Q. How to add domain name to the file path, when using Fileman with CKEditor?
 Using RETURN_URL_PREFIX setting, URL returned by Fileman could be prefixed with domain name or whatever you need.

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Author: توكيل باور 18-10-2018 21:26:58 (GMT)
يوفر توكيل باور انواع مختلفة من التكيييفات منها الصحراوي والشباك والسبليت بأسعار منخفضة تتناسب مع كافة امكانيات العملاء المادية بالاضافة الي وجود افضل مركز صيانة متخصص للقيام بكافة اعمال صيانة اعطال التكييفات

Author: خدمة عملاء اكتروستار 18-10-2018 09:39:03 (GMT)
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Author: amir 25-07-2018 15:56:32 (GMT)
Hello I use Roxy Fileman for tinymce editor so to manage media in my asp.net core app. The editor works fine but when I click the browse button I get
E_LoadingAjax /api/RoxyFileman/DIRLIST
Author: amir 10-07-2018 12:08:22 (GMT)
it does'nt work in asp.net core .
can you plane to support that or you are not
Author: aromesduvin.com 06-12-2017 08:34:34 (GMT)
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Author: anjaii 12-10-2017 08:08:53 (GMT)
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info ended up being truly simple to do to access. I recently found what
I hoped for before you know it in the least. Nice task. www.beton-mixer.com
Author: Sergio 14-07-2017 23:17:41 (GMT)
Se presento un nuevo problema con Ckeditor v 4.7, no inserta nada en el block. si alguien tubiera alguna respuesta se agradecería.
Author: osman 12-07-2017 05:51:42 (GMT)
Hello dear .
The Important feature that I think It must add to roxyfileman is `pagination ` . Please add this feature to Roxyfileman .

thanks for all .
Author: onur 07-07-2017 15:31:47 (GMT)
Please add pagination
Author: Reo 10-03-2017 15:59:05 (GMT)
Please add pagination option to reduce loading time for 1000 photos and file in a folder.
Author: Reo 10-03-2017 10:46:33 (GMT)
Please add pagination option, i mean limit per page option.
Author: Jesse 24-02-2017 19:45:27 (GMT)
For anyone having troubles with uploading videos and not being able to see them in the browser, I modified the code below in main.ashx.. I'm on ASP .NET 4.0 and using TinyMCE. When using the TinyMCE media plugin the "type" variable is equal to "media". As of Fileman 1.4..5, there is no "Media" type handler so we simply need to add some logic to filter files of the "Media" type.

protected string GetFileType(string ext){
string ret = "file";
ext = ext.ToLower();
if (ext == ".jpg" || ext == ".jpeg" || ext == ".png" || ext == ".gif")
ret = "image";
else if (ext == ".swf" || ext == ".flv")
ret = "flash";
return ret;


protected string GetFileType(string ext){
string ret = "file";
ext = ext.ToLower();
if (ext == ".jpg" || ext == ".jpeg" || ext == ".png" || ext == ".gif")
ret = "image";
else if (ext == ".swf" || ext == ".flv")
ret = "flash";
else if (ext == ".mp4")
ret = "media";
return ret;
Author: Ananthakumar 08-02-2017 10:54:28 (GMT)
I am using ckeditor with PHP.i am not able to insert the image .i got the error "To integrate with CKEditor or TinyMCE change INTEGRATION setting in conf.json. For more details see the Installation instructions at http://www.roxyfileman.com/install".
Author: Kurczakovsky 20-01-2017 00:24:04 (GMT)
require_once 'Zend/Session.php';
require_once 'Zend/Session/SaveHandler/DbTable.php';
require_once 'Zend/Db/Table.php';
require_once 'Zend/Config/Ini.php';

$config = new Zend_Config_Ini('../../../../../application/configs/application.ini', 'production');
$host = $config->resources->db->params->host;
$username = $config->resources->db->params->username;
$password = $config->resources->db->params->password;
$dbname = $config->resources->db->params->dbname;

$db = Zend_Db::factory('Pdo_Mysql', array(
'host' => $host,
'username' => $username,
'password' => $password,
'dbname' => $dbname,
'port' => '3306'
$config = array(
'name' => 'session',
'primary' => 'id',
'modifiedColumn' => 'modified',
'dataColumn' => 'data',
'lifetimeColumn' => 'lifetime'
Zend_Session::setSaveHandler(new Zend_Session_SaveHandler_DbTable($config));

$ret = $_SESSION["image_browser_url"];

For Zend width Zend_Session_SaveHandler_DbTable
Author: Dannoman 17-01-2017 20:25:15 (GMT)
I'm still waiting for someone to tell me how to alter the code in Main.js to allow uploads of any size. Please help me.
Author: Karthik 26-12-2016 06:13:59 (GMT)
I can not upload video file which is more than 5-6 MB, My requirement is user can upload any size videos.. Please help how to do it...
Author: Juan David Nicholls Cardona 15-10-2016 09:02:40 (GMT)
Hi guys!

Add my integration with Node.js please! :D


Regards, Nicholls
Author: Mathis Hüttl 05-07-2016 09:05:49 (GMT)

when i uplaod a png then the background turns from transparent to black ... what can i do?
Author: LexBel 13-06-2016 17:07:33 (GMT)
If you edit security.inc.php according to the documentation for security reasons:
if($_SESSION['is_admin_logged'] !== true)exit;

And then you try to access fileman (without loggin) you get the error:
Error cargando php/dirtree.php
And the fileman interface still shows

But if you load http://your-domain.com/fileman/php/dirtree.php, it works correctly, or if you load when you are logged ir works fine too.
Author: goodidea 05-05-2016 10:08:32 (GMT)
How can I use RoxyFileman in ASP.net MVC 4 ?
Author: Lockesh 25-04-2016 12:41:36 (GMT)
How can I disable .htaccess file in file manager
Author: sobry bintoro 18-04-2016 20:40:25 (GMT)
I put Fileman integrated with ckeditor, in two cpanel. but there is an error in one E_LoadingAjax php / dirtree.php, and in error_log messages mb_ereg_replace Call to undefined function () in /home/xxx/public_html/assets/fileman/php/functions.inc.php on line 303

please enlightenment?

* Sorry I do not speak english I am from Indonesia.
Author: Alex 21-03-2016 17:41:40 (GMT)
Hi, im using RoxyFileman with a Yii app and I cant insert a video, I have added this: "ALLOWED_UPLOADS": "jpeg jpg png gif mov mp3 mp4 avi wmv flv mpeg", on conf.json, it allows me to upload video but browser is not showing this file. What can I do?
Author: Riv Er 14-03-2016 00:44:30 (GMT)
About the RETURN_URL_PREFIX work fine for return selected file but can't prefix for preview function.
Author: Arama 01-01-2016 16:22:41 (GMT)
Hi, I use Fileman, but I want to show directories with files on the right (pnlFileList) not on the left (pnlDirList).
I don't want Dirs in root folders, how can I do that

For exemple if I click on a root folder, it should show its files and its folders in the right field (pnlFileList).

Thank you
Author: Jeroen 09-12-2015 13:53:56 (GMT)
RoxyFileMan .it is great. I have been able to use it in my php website. The only thing that seems to go wrong if I puplish de site in a sub domain. The filemanager can not browse the upload directory. It looks like it has something to do with the document root. Is it possible to use absolute paths??
Author: Antanas 06-11-2015 04:25:21 (GMT)
I fixed delete folder problem(folder is not empty), by changing deletedir.php:35
i guess, that it counts ".", or ".." on linux
Author: LEO 04-11-2015 04:05:05 (GMT)
Hello all,

is there a way to filter files extensions to display or not display via conf.json or other ?
For example I wouldn't like to display Thumbs.db files or files terminated by .xml.
How can I exclude those files ?

Thanks for your help.
Author: Hossein 24-09-2015 08:19:24 (GMT)
Thank you for awesome File manager, my Question is:
Is there any way to bind File Upload Control to Roxy File manager in asp.net mvc?
Author: Prashant K 10-07-2015 07:06:50 (GMT)

I am new to use Roxy Fileman in .Net.

I want it to be use in both CK editor as well as the Custom Button to upload the Document Files.

In Ckeditor it works without any probs, while in the custom way, the dialog gets open, I browse the file to be uploaded but after i click on upload button nothing shows in the list.
While the file gets successfully uploaded in the uploads folder(physically i can find the file), but doesn't gets displayed in the list hence i can't select that file.

I debug and found that the file is "pdf" type and at the time of listing its querying as "files" type.

Kindly help me out to update the file type based on the uploaded file.

Platform is Nopcommerce 3.40

Author: Edwen 16-06-2015 13:29:49 (GMT)

May I know the fileman can uploading files to virtual directory or not?

Problem here, our virtual directory is a shared folder in cluster environment. I am able to read the server path but unable to upload, view and delete.

Anyone here can modify the code to allow absolute path to be enabled.

Thank you
Author: Todd 04-06-2015 18:26:27 (GMT)
New problem, it will not delete empty folder. I get the alert:

Cannot delete - folder is not empty
Author: Todd 04-06-2015 18:18:01 (GMT)
Got it working.

modified line 95 in the function.inc.php file from this

$ret = RoxyFile::FixPath(BASE_PATH.'/Uploads');

to this

$ret = RoxyFile::FixPath(BASE_PATH);

A made this modification int the conf.json file:

"FILES_ROOT": "files",
Author: Todd 04-06-2015 18:03:52 (GMT)
I have fileman uploaded to the admin section of my site. My files and images are in the /files directory of my site. How do I set the FILES_ROOT to that directory?

I tried "FILES_ROOT":"/files" but it did not work.
Author: William 28-03-2015 18:14:56 (GMT)
Hi. I installed the roxy fileman ad they are working well. My only problem is when I click in select, the window doesn't close. What can be wrong? I used the example from tinymce integration.
Author: Hardik Vyas 27-03-2015 08:07:39 (GMT)
I have configured Roxy File Manager with ckEditor. I have completed the installation,and it is working fine.File upload is also working fine the issue is with file selection.when I try to select image from server it shows me the alert message
'Change Integration setting in conf.js'
I don't know what needs to be change in json file.
so Please guide me how to configure the json file
Author: Rami M 08-03-2015 19:45:54 (GMT)
Re the following error:

"error loading php/dirtree.php"

I just re-uploaded the entire "fileman" folder and it worked. Seems like there was some missing files.
Author: Dhitipong 07-03-2015 11:44:47 (GMT)

at file main.ashx

//cropImg.GetThumbnailImage(width, height, imgCallback, IntPtr.Zero).Save(_r.OutputStream, ImageFormat.Png);

using (MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream()) {
cropImg.GetThumbnailImage(width, height, imgCallback, IntPtr.Zero).Save(ms, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png);
// cropImg.GetThumbnailImage(width, height, imgCallback, IntPtr.Zero).Save(_r.OutputStream, ImageFormat.Png);

I hope it help you.
Author: Bui Vu 04-03-2015 03:08:35 (GMT)
When i run on hosting, I cant upload or create folder. It alert "Error creating directory Uploads", help!!!
Author: Binh 08-02-2015 22:44:50 (GMT)
Hi, OPEN_LAST_DIR does not work with custom integration, does it? I see that it works perfectly with TinyMCE but not with my custom button. Please help
Author: MortenManden 08-02-2015 15:46:44 (GMT)
Great tool... but would like support for filenames with local characters (Danish: æ ø å) space and similar characters in the name.
Author: Martin 01-02-2015 11:26:13 (GMT)
FILES_ROOT in conf.json file, why I cant go back folders by using simple ../../uploads

because I am using fileman as in such folder like:
but I want to see and add photos to :
admin/upload/ folder. can anyone help me with that ??
Author: Ronan 22-01-2015 18:45:49 (GMT)
I suggest a way to make the RETURN_URL_PREFIX parameter more flexible: for now you have to hardcode a value in conf.json which is not convenient (especially if you deal with several environement).
I would suggest:
1 - either to allow a session parameter (like whats has been done for FILES_ROOT parameter which can be dynamically overwritten with a session parameter specicied in SESSION_PATH_KEY)
2 - either to modify the way RETURN_URL_PREFIX parameter works by making it a boolean flag: if set then the full prefix should be returned, which requires a very small code change in line 700-701 and 801-802 of main.js which should be:
var prefix = location.protocol+'//'+location.hostname;
instead of:
var prefix = RoxyFilemanConf.RETURN_URL_PREFIX;

Author: BIG M 15-01-2015 07:43:03 (GMT)
how to select multiple files to insert in ckeditor?
Author: Miro 27-12-2014 23:30:07 (GMT)
How to load a multi root_files at one time? I have different folders for images, files and videos. I need to load only those folders. I need a array for root_files, where you can also make your own name
Author: Alex 08-12-2014 15:30:55 (GMT)
I am trying to integrate image-crop functionality, but when I include bootstrap.min.js page doesn't load. What can I do, please help
Author: Nop 06-12-2014 04:02:08 (GMT)
For IE 11 bug:
I use the solution from Anders, it work for me.
Thank you Anders.
Author: Irones 03-12-2014 03:15:42 (GMT)
Why my fileman can not view image in thumbnail ?
Author: June 25-11-2014 19:07:57 (GMT)
hi -

you answered Alberto's question like so: "for error E_LoadingConf
E_ActionDisabled Error loading language file you must define json mime type on your server ". I am having the same difficulty, however - the json mime type IS defined on my server in .htaccess like so "AddType MIMETYPE .json". I am on an Apache server running PHP So - how do I get past this loading conflict?
Author: Laelson Correia 25-11-2014 17:30:42 (GMT)
Amigos do Brasil que tiverem problemas em configurar o SESSION_PATH_KEY com PHP podem me mandar email que explico.
Author: Sarah 06-11-2014 07:17:53 (GMT)
I ended up to find a solution!

For those who might have problems uploading files using IE, meaning that these error messages are showing up everytime:
- "Could not fine part of the path '<path>'"
- "Access to the path '<path>' is denied."

Check your IE settings:
The IE security setting 'Include local directory path when uploading files to a server' should be DISABLED.

After setting that option, everything should work just fine!
Author: Sarah 05-11-2014 09:50:41 (GMT)
IE uses the logical path (e.g E:/Folder/Pictures/) that's why it is not working.

I need to use (I guess) the UNC path (\\servername\Folder\Pictures). How can I do that?

Is anyone having the same problem uploading file with Internet Explorer??
Author: Sarah 04-11-2014 08:31:37 (GMT)
I noticed that uploading in FF and Chrome works fine..

Checking the network flow..there is:
FF and Chrome: filename="Picture.jpg"
IE: filename="Y:\Documents\Pics\Picturejpg"

So I'm guessing the problem is that IE take the whole path while it's supposed to get the filename only..

What should I do to make it work in IE??

Please HELP!!!
Author: Sarah 03-11-2014 10:51:37 (GMT)
How can I solve these 2 errors??

- "Could not fine part of the path 'C:UsersSarahDesktopPicture1.png'"

- "Access to the path 'C:UsersSarahDesktopPicture1png' is denied."
Author: Sarah 29-10-2014 15:56:21 (GMT)
I don't understand why I'm still unable to upload files while using IE...please help me get this solved...

As Anders said previously, I added the following lines inside ProcessRequest method in main.ashx:

context.Response.AddHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache");
context.Response.Expires = 0;
context.Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");

But nothing changed..I don't know what to do...
Author: Marco Túlio 22-10-2014 09:26:28 (GMT)
dynamically changing FILES ROOT?
I use php and did not understand how to do
Author: Marco Túlio 21-10-2014 13:21:40 (GMT)
como mudar FILES ROOT dinamicamente ?
eu uso php e nao entendi como fazer
Author: Sarah 17-10-2014 09:48:33 (GMT)
Sorry for this second post but I forgot to add something to my previous one.

I also can't see the preview of my files..is it due to the fact that my file folders stands on a server?

I can't download files when I link them..I get 404 error..what should I do to solve this?
Author: Sarah 17-10-2014 09:37:13 (GMT)
I've trying to add Roxy Fileman for days now..I still have a problem when uploading files..on IE11.

As Anders said previously, I added the following lines inside ProcessRequest method in main.ashx:

context.Response.AddHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache");
context.Response.Expires = 0;
context.Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");

But when I try to add a file I get this error message: "Could not find a part of the path 'Y:Documents/Pics.jpg'."

Please help me to get this solved...it works perfectly on Firefox but I'm supposed to have the same result on IE..
Author: ahmad 12-10-2014 20:20:31 (GMT)
thank's. its great tools.
i have problem. when i select file , dosent work and file dont send for ckeditor.
the tools call FileSelected from costum.js file.
do you have any help?
Author: Wolfie 06-10-2014 15:10:27 (GMT)
I made a minor change to the utils.js script to have the filemanager use the defined image in filetypes.js

Original (line 118):
RoxyUtils.GetFileIcon = function(path){
ret = 'images/filetypes/file_extension_' + RoxyUtils.GetFileExt(path).toLowerCase() + '.png';
ret = 'images/filetypes/unknown.png';

return ret;

RoxyUtils.GetFileIcon = function(path){
ret = 'images/filetypes/unknown.png';
} else {
ret = 'images/filetypes/' + fileTypeIcons[RoxyUtils.GetFileExt(path)];

return ret;

This allows you to do this in filetypes.js:
fileTypeIcons['doc'] = 'file_extension_doc.png';
fileTypeIcons['docx'] = 'file_extension_doc.png';
fileTypeIcons['xls'] = 'file_extension_xls.png';
fileTypeIcons['xlsx'] = 'file_extension_xls.png';

Note the use of the same image for two file types.

The original code totally ignores whats in the setting in filetypes.js and would return an image name in the format of file_extension_FILEEXTENSION.png.

The change tells fileman to use the actual contents of fileTypeIcons['docx'] as the image name.


Also, to prevent IE from caching the calls to main.ashx, I added the following lines to the ProcessRequest() service sub right after _r is set:
//Turn off caching for stupid IE
_r.Expires =-1500;
_r.CacheControl = "private";
_r.CacheControl = "no-cache";
_r.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");
_r.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-store");
_r.AddHeader("cache-control", "no-cache");
Author: Anders 29-09-2014 22:22:21 (GMT)
So I have a solution for the problems with IE11 not updating filelists correctly in .NET.

In main.ashx add the follwing lines of code into ProcessRequest. They should be the first lines in that.

context.Response.AddHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache");
context.Response.Expires = 0;
context.Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");

This might cause a bit more requests for the server but it solves the problem.
Author: Anders 29-09-2014 22:05:24 (GMT)
As Nop and kipo stated earlier something is wrong when using IE11.
I'm also using the .NET integration.
It's ok to upload files and the files get saved on the server but the filelist doesn't update properly until you clear the cache in the browser.
Also when deleting files and then reselecting the folder the file gets back into the list.
Author: Giovanni Monopoli 29-09-2014 12:36:08 (GMT)
Hi, Sorry is possible to create thumbnail also when files are uploaded?
Author: pritam 24-09-2014 06:09:34 (GMT)
I integrated Roxy Fileman with TinyMAC Editor in my ASP.Net project and everything work fine.
But just 1 point that I encounter is when i use IE11 as a browser, I found that when file has uploaded to server but no file show in file list.
I already checked the uploads folder, it already have uploaded-file.

My question is:
- this is a bug in IE11 or
- I miss something in configuration of Roxy Fileman.
Author: aviram 23-09-2014 07:01:22 (GMT)
thanks for your great work !
can i use roxy to connect to diffrent servers using FTP ?
i install it on main system, that manage diffrent ftp accounts
Author: File size limit 30-08-2014 15:12:06 (GMT)
Chunk uploading could be an interesting feature. So in case anyone trying to set file size limits, this can help

function addFile() {

var dialogButtons = {};
dialogButtons[t('Upload')] = function () {
var maxtotal = RoxyFilemanConf.MAXTOTAL;
var maxfilesize = RoxyFilemanConf.MAXFILESIZE;
var fileoversize = "";
var totalsize = 0;
if (!$('#fileUploads').val())
else {
if (!RoxyFilemanConf.UPLOAD) {
else {
var files = $('#fileUploads')[0].files;
for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
totalsize += files[i].size;
if ((files[i].size / 1024) > maxfilesize) {
fileoversize = files[i].name + '\n';

if ((totalsize / 1024 / 1024) > maxtotal) {
alert(t('E_MAXSIZE') + ". Set to " + maxsize + "MB.");
else if (fileoversize != "") {
alert("Max total upload : "+ maxfilesize +"KB. Oversized files:\n" + fileoversize);
else {
document.forms['addfile'].action = RoxyFilemanConf.UPLOAD;
dialogButtons[t('Cancel')] = function () { $('#dlgAddFile').dialog('close'); };

$('#dlgAddFile').dialog({ title: t('T_AddFile'), modal: true, buttons: dialogButtons });

Adding 2 variables to conf.json
MAXTOTAL and MAXFILESIZE. This is using dev.html page (main.js).
Author: Kamil 07-08-2014 10:16:51 (GMT)
how to change upload size limits?
Author: mike 31-07-2014 15:45:42 (GMT)
Nevermind.. Missed a sentence..

"The path must be absolute from your site root!"

paint that thing in red or green or whatever xD I'm used to work with relative paths inside web apps...
Author: mike 31-07-2014 12:14:13 (GMT)
I think I missed something... I installed it on easyphp, config it and it somehow works.. Well or not... I can "upload" files and eveything gets displayed (directories, uploaded images), but it actually has no link to the FILES_ROOT I specified or the real Server at all. The dir and images shown in the filemanager do not exist on the Server.. only inside the filemanager..Shouldn't files get saved to the dir I specified?? Oo
Author: kipo 29-07-2014 12:50:30 (GMT)
I have the same problem as Nop - it works fine in Chrome, but I don't see newly uploaded file in IE11.
Author: Nop 29-07-2014 05:49:10 (GMT)
Hi Dears,

I integrated Roxy Fileman with CKEditor in my ASP.Net MVC project and everything work fine.
But just 1 point that I encounter is when i use IE11 as a browser, I found that when file has uploaded to server but no file show in file list.
I already checked the uploads folder, it already have uploaded-file.

My question is:
- this is a bug in IE11 or
- I miss something in configuration of Roxy Fileman.

My project environments:
- .Net Framework 4.5
- MVC 4
- jQuery 2.1.0
- CKEditor 4.4.3

Thank you.
Author: saeid khalili 18-06-2014 09:51:49 (GMT)
hi alberto
for error E_LoadingConf
Error loading language file you must define json mime type on your server
Author: alberto 12-06-2014 04:49:34 (GMT)
Hello Mordor, thanks for your reply.
I have checked the php ini and it is ok, is enabled
This is my php ini configuration (from phpinfo)

Multibyte Support enabled
Multibyte string engine libmbfl
HTTP input encoding translation enabled

mbstring.detect_order auto auto
mbstring.encoding_translation On On
mbstring.func_overload 0 0
mbstring.http_input auto auto
mbstring.http_output UTF-8 UTF-8
mbstring.http_output_conv_mimetypes ^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml) ^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml)
mbstring.internal_encoding UTF-8 UTF-8
mbstring.language neutral neutral
mbstring.strict_detection Off Off
mbstring.substitute_character no value
Author: alberto 11-06-2014 05:03:28 (GMT)
please help: I receive some pop up error:
Error loading language file
Can you tell me how to solve ?
Author: Mordor 05-06-2014 15:29:08 (GMT)
note the error "loading php/dirtree.php" is caused by the absence of mb_string in the php configuration.

You need to recompile php with --enable-mbstring option.
Author: Rob 16-05-2014 23:42:56 (GMT)
Could you possibly post an example for the Session_Path_Key?

I created a session variable and assigned a path to it, however it doesn't override the root (or add to it), I've tried both
Author: Jorge Santos 10-04-2014 16:39:15 (GMT)
Hi Dears,
It is a Great plugin to tinymce.

So, I have one question about plugins.

It is possible change the FILES_ROOT dynamically?

Because my project has several rootfolders.
Author: Ehsan 02-04-2014 08:03:04 (GMT)
Hi.I am using RoxyFileMan .it is great .every thing is ok .but when i want to upload some file i got this error :There is and error uploading some files.

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