Secure Roxy FilemanFileman's PHP or .NET scripts will not manipulate files or folders that are outside the directory set in FILES_ROOT setting. Also Fileman script which is not set in the configuration cannot be executed - it will exit.
MOVEDIR is set to "your_script_to_move_dir.php", if the original Fileman "php/movedir.php" script is requested, it will check the configuration and exit, because the mismatch of it's own name and the value of MOVEDIR setting. The same mechanism is used in the .NET distribution.

However, it's up to you to implement application level access restriction! If you are using protected directory and Fileman resides in it, you are good to go.


.NET users can use web.config file to apply user authentication.


To implement your own security checks in PHP, you have to fill "checkAccess($action)" function located in fileman/php/ file. This function is executed in the beginning of each PHP script, and you can validate user or the action which is about to be performed ($action will contain the name of the setting i.e "MOVEDIR" when moving directory). Usually user login validation is pretty simple, it could be something like "if($_SESSION['is_admin_logged'] !== true)exit;".

You can also use HTTP Basic authentication or any other authentication mechanism you want.


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L. Arsov

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Author: zinchronize 29-12-2016 08:50:25 (GMT)
I inject a code inside the a code inside the main.ashx file under public method "ProcessRequest". Sample snippet below:

public void ProcessRequest (HttpContext context) {

//Custom code here
var auth = new SMIC_Intranet2.Models.AuthorizationGateway();
.UsersRepository credentials = auth.AuthorizeUser();

if (!(credentials.Role == SMIC_Intranet2.Models.UserRoles.ADMINISTRATOR || credentials.Role == SMIC_Intranet2.Models.UserRoles.PUBLISHER))
//here throws 401 if condition has met otherwise continue execution
context.Response.StatusCode = 401;

Author: Daniel Wiberg 23-09-2014 09:40:00 (GMT)
@Martin Curly
Sorry for late response.
Open the "Web.config" file in "fileman" directory
Add this three lines right under "<system.web>"
<deny users="?" />

When you do that you deny all users that are not logged in.
Author: Martin Curly 14-09-2014 10:15:20 (GMT)
".NET users can use web.config file to apply user authentication."

How this process?. Please helpme.

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