Download Roxy Fileman

Download latest stable version of Roxy Fileman. In the production version css and javascript files (except the one containing the user functions for custom implementation) are combined and minified. All source javascript and CSS files are also included in the distribution. JQuery and the other third party libraries used are in separate files and could be upgraded independently.


Download Roxy Fileman for PHP 

Roxy Fileman requires PHP 5.2 or greater, GD, MB string and ZipArchive libraries. If ZipArchive is not available, folder download as single zip file will not be available.Roxy Fileman 1.4.6 for PHP (885 KB)

Download Roxy Fileman for .NET

Roxy Fileman requires .NET framework 4.5.

Roxy Fileman 1.4.6 for .NET (868 KB)


Download Roxy Fileman for Node.js

Created by Juan David Nicholls Cardona.

Roxy Fileman for Node.js





Version 1.4.6

Important security patch.

Version 1.4.5 - 06.2016

Important security patch.

Version 1.4.4 - 06.2016

Image transparency fix.
Catalan language added - thanks to Ivan Font (11vanfm @
Slovak language added - thanks to Peter Zajíček (pzajicek @,
Dutch language added - thanks to Thomas Goemaere (
Danish language added - thanks to Morten.
Turkish language added - thanks to Sukru Kaya (kayasukru @
Russian language added - thanks to Gruzdev Evgeniy (Russia, Ryazan) / Oleg Stepanov (,

Version 1.4.3 - 02.2015

Upload button fix for IE 8 & 9.
Portuguese language added - thanks to Guilherme Rademacher Aiolfi (github: @guilhermeaiolfi).

Version 1.4.2 - 01.2015

Slow directory (containing large files) list bug fixed.
Danish translation is added.
Russian translation is added - thanks to Gruzdev, Evgeniy (Russia, Ryazan).

Version 1.4.1 - 12.2014

CSS sprites implemented.
New setting RETURN_URL_PREFIX is added.

Version 1.4.0 - 11.2014

Improved upload process - drag and drop uploads and upload progress bar.
View type and last browsed folder are remembered.
Auto select file when edit CKEditor / TinyMCE image or link.
To prevent caching AJAX requst method is changed to POST.
Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, and Czech user interface languages are added.
Fileman automatically hides buttons and menu items related to disabled features.

Version 1.3.1 - 03.2014

Safari display bug fixed.

Version 1.3   - 02.2014

Folders can be downloaded as single zip file. Configuration settings to automatically resize uploaded images to given maximum width and/or height. Configuration settings for thumbnails view images width and height. Configuration settings for image preview width and height. Root folder can be set via session variable.

Version 1.2.6 - 02.2014

Uploaded files permission bug is fixed.

Version 1.2 - 12/2013

Multilanguage support is added.

Version 1.1 - 10/2013

Cut / copy / paste functions are added.

Version 1.0 - 05/2013

First release.

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Author: Juan David Nicholls Cardona 16-10-2016 16:00:17 (GMT)
Guys, check the integration with Node.js!
Author: Jindo 28-06-2016 05:36:46 (GMT)
Are you have plan upgrade integration between .NET Core,
It's not run in version .NET Core
Author: Marcelo Neves 10-09-2015 00:33:16 (GMT)

In version 1.4.3 changelog says that the bug has been resolved upload button in IE 8 and 9. I just try and upload button is still not enabling the IE9. I select the file and the file name is in the upload input, but does not generate error, it generates no request. Simply does not enable. How do I get around this?

"Version 1.4.3 - 02.2015

Upload button fix for IE 8 & 9. "
Author: HuynhDt 15-03-2015 15:43:41 (GMT)
Where can i download older version?
Author: Mr. Blister 30-12-2014 13:36:14 (GMT)
What an awesome file manager! Super easy to integrate with CKEditor and TinyMCE and works perfect. Keep up the good work!
Author: Bruno 22-10-2014 15:43:37 (GMT)
If someone needs an open source FileMnager for .NET 3.5 may try MB:FileBrowser, installable via, code maintained on GitHUB.
Author: Wirek 27-09-2014 09:10:34 (GMT)
The project IS alive.
It's just that Mr Lyubomir Arsov is a busy man... as we all are. ;-)
Author: Wirek 08-09-2014 14:47:42 (GMT)
It seems to be quite functional and very interesting project. Just one question:
Is it still alive?

I mean there's no updates, new features or bug fixes after 6 months from version 1.3.1. There's no feedback at all.
Author: Jacob 06-09-2014 06:08:38 (GMT)
I can confirm it works on firefox 32. Leaves the question why it was broken in the first place.
Author: Sacri 03-09-2014 08:34:54 (GMT)
The bug is fixed on Firefox 32 !
Author: speedt_ouch 31-08-2014 14:44:45 (GMT)
I also have now encountered issues with Firefox 31.0.
In Chrome and Opera all works well.
I got a hell of a fright has I was thinking I had messed something up... But gladly that was not the case.
Is there any known fix?
Author: Jacob 28-08-2014 11:04:41 (GMT)
I have this problem also with Firefox 31.0. Hope this will be solved soon.
Author: Genues 28-08-2014 04:53:47 (GMT)
I have this problem to on my linux with FF31, chromeum work fine.
Author: Martin G 26-08-2014 10:45:13 (GMT)
I too have started to have issues with FF31, on Windows, and Linux. The upload doesn't return anything. I really hope this is resolved soon. I'm not sure if it's a FF or a Fileman issue, but happy to help resolve if need be.
Author: Martin 10-08-2014 03:49:24 (GMT)
Got it to work in IE11 about the FF 31 check out this thread:
Author: Urs 06-08-2014 18:38:38 (GMT)
Any news on the upload problem? Still not working with newer FF-Versions...
Author: Martin 06-08-2014 05:55:59 (GMT)
I cant get the upload function to work in IE11 either :(
Author: Sacri 04-08-2014 07:10:25 (GMT)
Like Nicolas said, with Firefox 31, upload don't work. In other browser, no problem.
But anyway, thank you for this powerfull tool !
Author: Bob 03-08-2014 15:51:23 (GMT)
This seems like a great tool. However, when i add the code from the demo in my mvc-application. It only replaces the textarea. I want it to replace the "old" ck-editor.
Author: Nicolas 03-08-2014 09:42:54 (GMT)
I have the same problem. Since Firefox 31.0, the Upload function doesn't work and there is no message error. When you click on the upload button, nothing happen. There is no problem with older version of Firefox and chrome and safari.
Author: Davide 28-07-2014 13:52:34 (GMT)
Hi, upload function doesn't works with last version of Firefox (31.0), but it's works with Chrome perfectly! Why?
Author: Martin 02-07-2014 11:37:51 (GMT)

Great piece of software. Really impressed.
Author: mongol 29-06-2014 10:26:07 (GMT)
It's perfect! You're awesome!
Author: KK 20-06-2014 20:58:24 (GMT)
Thank you so much! This filemanager is perfect! Will try to donate! Thank you thank you!
Author: JJ 09-02-2014 10:57:54 (GMT)
Great job, thank you!

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